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Steps to TurboTax Account Update – TurboTax Support

TurboTax Account Update – The application known to provide the advanced tax handling features is TurboTax. You can follow this blog to update the Account details if you wish. For more details, you can also call the TurboTax support team and talk to a skilled technician. Otherwise, you can read this blog post for TurboTax Account Update. Basic TurboTax Account UpdateTo update your TurboTax (non-Advantage) account email, phone number, mailing address, or password: Sign in to TurboTax and select Intuit Account on the left, just above “Sign Out” (you may need to scroll down; click or tap the 3 white lines or Tax Home if you still don’t see this).This will open your Account Settings.Select Profile to update your name, User ID, email, or address.Select Security to update your password, security question, phone number, or enable/disable two-step verification.Choose Edit next to the option(s) you want to change.Advanced Updates of your TurboTax AccountSign in to your TurboTax Advantage account. …